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Git You Some Action Figures!



Hello, my lovelies.

Now's your chance to get a sweet ass custom action figure to pose in all sorts of dynamic and compromising positions. I'm a starving artist willing to create anything, drop me a note so we can hammer out the details.

Every job is different, so here's an estimate of what a commission will cost:

Usually this is $50 minimum. The more complex the figure is the higher the price. However, a less complex figure will be cheaper. I don't nickel and dime you, I won't charge for glue, lunch, air conditioning, etc.

I can order parts and add it to the total, or you can supply them (for no extra charge of course). If I have useful parts in my fodder pile, I can supply them for a reasonable cost.

You pay all shipping charges, using whatever service you like.


Half the agreed total is due up front, the rest is due before I ship the figure to you.

I'd rather get paid through Paypal. Using the Friends and Family option is appreciated so I don't get hit with fees, but it isn't required.

Money Orders from the USPS are good too.

I also accept sweaty wads of cash and wagons full of jewels and hot mermaids.