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Scarlet Spider (Now with pants!)

Spandex costumes on action figures make my eyes chafe. Where are the wrinkles and folds and the disjointed cohesion only imperfect asymmetry can achieve? That's a fancy way of saying I like pants. And you know what, Scarlet Spider likes pants too.

I wanted to update SS's look; using the sweater-vest as a jumping-off point, I went with an urban/rock climber look. Trust me, it makes sense, I've sold enough gear to chic pretty-boys to know it's a real thing.

Based the pants on some old stretchy rock climbing pants I had. Also added cargo pockets to replace the ankle pouches.

Gloves are based on crack gloves. (Basically they're a patch of grippy rubber that rests on the back of the hand, so you can jam it into cracks and use your fist as an anchor point.)

Shoes are a mix of designs, just wanted them to give the impression of rock climbing shoes. The black rubber parts are smooth and flat black while the red areas are winkled like fabric.