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Ex Nihila

You all know this totally hot horned golden goth worldshaper chick, right?

Ex Nihila is a total babe, in a pelvis-crushing sort of way. She's the only Ex Nihili to look like an Amazon Druid goddess, making her a good project to make with a spare Thundra base. The rest of the Ex-Nihili look like scary ass mutants and aliens, making them...less suitable for the Thundra base.

Also, yeah, she's totally putting the moves on Carol! There's a scene in the story with lip-biting sexual tension between them, apparently those Ex-Nihili are really attracted to species they consider cosmic curiosities. Then there's a scene later where our Golden Goddess is totally grabbing Carol's boobs as she forces her on her knees, and no one even notices. If I was one of the bad guys in the room, I would have spontaneously burst into a nosebleed like an anime kid lol