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Neutron [Shi'ar Imperial Guard]

This was a "dartboard custom", as I like to call them. I throw darts at the computer monitor and make whatever character it lands on. I usually lose any money I make on the custom after having to buy a new monitor. Bummer.

I don't know anything about this guy, so here's a story for him:

"After being told to cut his sweet flat top hairdo, Neutron righteously flipped the hell out and left the Imperial Guard to become an intergalactic luchador, like anyone would do, I imagine. This new life of piledriving jerks through planets suited him just fine. He also got some stellar tats on his backside, because under that stoic facade beats a goofy heart. Or something."

Sculpted the hair, gloves and boot tops and all the oval things. Belt is a foam strip with sculpted centerpiece. Simple stuff.

I doodled a bunch of symbols on his backside because that's how I barrel roll. See how many you can spot in my terrible pictures!